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If you’ve been searching for that perfect home in the existing housing market and haven’t found it, it may be time to build your dream home. Building a new home can often be a more cost effective approach to getting exactly what you’re looking for, as opposed to buying an existing home and making costly renovations. And the new construction market offers the greatest value in over a decade.

At EDW Builders, we help clients throughout Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey build their custom dream homes.

We ask the right questions. Whether you know exactly what you want, or need our help to defining your custom new home, we discuss all of your options and the things you need to consider.

Scheduling Options

Building a new home requires careful scheduling. From foundation to rooftop, the framing, plumbing, wiring, and finishing must flow in the right sequence or your dream home can turn into an unfinished nightmare. EDW Builders has three generations of experience successfully scheduling the new construction of dream homes.

Building Material Options

The process of selecting options in the construction of any custom built home includes the advice of our design architects and skilled craftsmen. Therefore, we not only listen to your ideas; we help you evaluate the selection of building materials you will need to complete your design. Our foundations speak for themselves — we’ll give you a 10- or a 12-inch wall, strengthened by iron reinforcement bars. The exterior is coated with a rubber-like product to reduce leaks. And we take the extra care to ensure every foundation is level and plumb. The quality of a well-built home begins with the foundation. We recommend and use only the best quality materials whether for concrete foundations, framing, electrical fixtures or plumbing. This ensures that your dream home will not fade away before its time.

Permits, Warranties, and Follow-up Service

We have a reputation for quality, and therefore, rarely have difficulties getting the necessary permits and approvals from local authorities or passing inspections.

At EDW Builders, we stand behind our construction for three generations. And we stand by our initial project quotes. Whether it’s a custom home, an addition, reconstruction or renovations to your home, a remodeled kitchen, garage basement or bathroom, there won’t be any unforeseen extra charges. We not only deliver quality — we guarantee it.

We are truly passionate about quality and customer service.

Ready to build your dream home?