Bucks Mont NARI CotY Award Winner

Central New Jersey NARI CotY Award Winner

EDW Builders Wins 2013 NARI CotY Award Bucks Montgomery PA & Central New Jersey Chapters

EDW Builders Inc, a 3rd Generation home contractor, located in Newtown, Bucks County in Pennsylvania is the recipient of the National Association of Remodeling Industry (NARI) 2013 “Contractor of the Year Award in the Entire House Residential $250.000 to $500,000″ category for both Bucks Mont NARI (PA) and Central New Jersey NARI (NJ) Chapters. The award decision was based on results achieved by EDW Builders when they restored, remodeled and redesigned a Bucks County home destroyed by fire, water, and smoke damage. Major challenges were dealing with Hazardous Material Removal, implementing Green Remediation and Customized Construction Framing Contracting

Entire House Casualty Restorations Located in Bucks County PA

We encountered extensive water damage throughout the house. Restoration involved handling water soaked drywall, insulation, carpeting, and just about anything that held moisture or created hazardous waste.

This “Entire Home Renovation” reminded us of the challenges facing the victims of Hurricane Sandy down at the New Jersey Shore. Challenges, such as dealing with the Insurance Company, FEMA, Insurance Adjusters and the onslaught of contractors all seeking to profit from the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy down at the Jersey Shore. Their problems were constantly in our thoughts as we worked through this restoration and remodeling of this “entire home” process located in Bucks County, PA, not far from the Hurricane Sandy victims at the  New Jersey Shore .

Our most important challenge was to make sure our homeowner was always comfortable in our process as we worked to remediate their great losses.

Hazardous Material Removal / Green Remediation

Because we are green builders, an EDW restoration begins by removing all damaged materials like plastics, household chemicals, lead paint and other hazardous waste. These items can be highly toxic when damaged by water, fire or smoke. We also removed lead paint in accordance with RRP rules of the EPA guidelines.
Skilled interior demolition experts stripped away all wiring, plumbing, and HVAC ducts for recycling. When the demolition and clean-up was finished, only the stone fireplace, undamaged studs, and weight bearing walls remained.

Customized Construction Framing Contractor

EDW Builders – Award Winning Builder–has legacy roots as a custom framing contractor for over three generations. This experience was essential to the success of this “entire home” project.

The structural integrity of the existing framing was never compromised during the process of reconfiguring the old home footprint. Our Client’s desire for an expanded and open living space required our custom framing experience and technology to ensure the same structural integrity in the new footprint. Our Client interviewed at least 28 other Contractors before deciding on EDW Builders. Our extensive experience in custom framing was one of the deciding factor in choosing us.

Extensive custom framing was required to facilitate this Bucks-County PA custom home redesign. This strategic remodeling turned a tragic nightmare into a dream home. The old house was completely reconfigured into comfortable and expanded living space.

CotY Award Winning Whole House Restoration

Nothing is the same. Every room has an open floor feeling with lots of light and easy movement of traffic from room to room. The new kitchen configuration along with a spacious and warm living room provides comfortable spaces to entertain or to just get away and relax.

By carefully integrating the old stone fireplace into the contemporary dining room, the craftsmen of EDW Builders have blended good memories from the old home into a dream home.

Getting your life back on track after a fire runs through your home is traumatic and takes time. We are extremely grateful to our homeowner for allowing our photographer Bob Graham, Jr. to capture our “2013 Contractor of the Year (CotY) Award Winning Project”.


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