CotY 2013 National Award Commercial Interior

Bucks Mont NARI CotY Award Winner

Central New Jersey NARI CotY Award Winner

EDW National Winner – National Association of Remodeling Industry (NARI) 2013 “National Contractor of the Year (CotY)” in the Commercial Interior category

EDW Builders Inc, a 3rd Generation home contractor, located in Newtown, Bucks County in Pennsylvania is the recipient of the National – National Association of Remodeling Industry (NARI) 2013 “National Contractor of the Year (CotY)” in the Commercial Interior category.

EDW Builders also won the Contractor of the Year“ in the Commercial Interior category for both Bucks Mont NARI (PA) and Central New Jersey NARI (NJ) Chapters. The award decision was based on results achieved by EDW Builders when they restored, remodeled and redesigned an existing storefront in a Bucks County (PA) strip mall.

Images to the right are Before “CotY 2013 National Awards Commercial Interior” project started. The images below are from during and after.

National CotY 2013 Award Winning
Commercial Interior

Out of this closed vacant and outmoded space emerged a sophisticated New York dessert eatery appropriately named “Frozen Cow Yogurts”.

Commercial Demolition Experts – Precision Custom Commercial Interior Construction

To fulfill this client’s requirements, the commercial demolition experts at EDW Builders were tasked with the frugal and skillful retention of existing lighting, plumbing, and tile floors.

Any commercial interior contractor can create an inviting place of business with all-new materials and an unconstrained budget. It takes an CotY 2013 Award Winning Contractor with a legacy of value-creating talent to turn a vacant storefront into a trendy “New York Style” dessert restaurant.
Merging the existing light fixtures, rest rooms, and kitchen area into a unique and inviting place to enjoy self-serve yogurt with family and friends required a proven knowledge of commercial construction technology and the discipline to work within local and mall construction constraints.

Creating the environment for an inviting self-serve yogurt business requires more than imagination. It requires a precision installation. Otherwise, the eight yogurt machines enclosed in a curved tile wall could fail or operate poorly. This is not something that can be easily corrected after everything is installed and the client is open for business. EDW Builders has a long-standing reputation for the reliability, and quality required by start up commercial ventures.

It is one thing to be shut down by the damage from a storm like Hurricane Sandy along the New Jersey Shoreline —but to fail because the commercial interior contractor did not observe installation specifications, local building codes, or the build-out rules of the strip mall is unforgivable. EDW Builders brings experience and integrity to all their commercial and residential projects not just their award winning commercial interior and residential projects.


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